Vic Viper is a flying vehicle found in the Hall of Former Guys. The Kid can pilot it and shoot bullets. Enemies which

Vic Viper's portrait.

attack Vic Viper are Dumb Bugz and Security drones. If Vic Viper touches a wall it will be destroyed and kill The Kid.


  • The Vic Viper was once The Guy
  • There is a glitch that when the final opponent in the room comes out (the one that throws Delicious Fruit in a circle) if The Kid flies the Vic Viper into the wall to the left, the Game Over screen will appear as normal. However, an invisible 'ghost' of The Kid will be able to jump, move, and shoot as normal, but invincible. By then jumping and destroying the enemy, the corner will open as normal and The Kid can progress all the way to The Final Tower of The Guy whilst invincible, making it signficantly easier.