The Moon's first appearance.

The Moon is a well known object in I Wanna Be The Guy that falls from the sky to kill The Kid. Moons appear six times throughout the game. The first time is on The Kid's way to the Zelda section. As soon as The Kid steps on certain part of the floor a giant moon falls from the sky, and begins to follow him. The Kid must then hide in a crevice in the floor. The moon next appears in the graveyard, where it will not kill him, but breaks open the ground, opening the entrance to Mecha Birdo. The Moon appears for a third time outside Dracula's Castle, where the witch's shadow can be seen in it's light. It is also one of Dracula's attacks. The fifth time the moon appears is right before The Kid fights The Dragon, and throughout the Road to The Guy.

The moon falls to ground level, but then falls below the screen after the Dragon appears. The final time moons appear are in the Labyrinth of The Guy, where small moons are rolling and will kill The Kid if he touches them. There is also a moon on the stain glass window in The Guy's room.


  • During the Road to The Guy, the moon will be up in the sky. Ironically, the 'Moon' music from DuckTales, the video game, will play.