The Kid


The Kid

known as The Guy

The Kid, is the main protagonist of I Wanna Be The Guy. At the beginning of the game, in a Megaman-style intro, The Kid was originally known as Young Boy, who left home on his fifteenth birthday during the year 200X to defeat, and then become The Guy. He is given the Very Small Gun from Former Grandfather The Guy.


The Kid is a very fragile character in stature. He wears a blue shirt, with jeans, disembodied legs, and his signature cape, and, while only on medium mode, he wears a pink hair bow. Due to his fragility, any slight bit of damage to him will cause him to explode. Also, in a strange note, he is described as being fifteen years old, but his voice seems to be very high-pitched and naive.Personality

There are very few real personality traits shown from The Kid, however, his primary trait is that he is very determined to become The Guy. Not only is he determined to become The Guy, but he is also very resolved to get revenge upon the current The Guy for killing his grandfather. He displays great shock when seeing his own similarity to The Father, however he is still bent on to avenge his grandfather and become The Guy.


He is given the ability to double-jump; a power that he gained from his Cape of Heroes, and rapidly shoot bullets from the Very Small Gun (unlike most old games, they do not go through walls.)


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