A 2nd section of graveyard with Delicious Fruit and zombies.


The Graveyard is an area in I Wanna Be The Guy. It has been called the hardest area in the game and got the name the Spike Corridor. The area is based off Ghouls 'n' Ghosts SNES game, with the theme song playing. The enemies here include Zombies, The Moon and Horrible Hawks . The boss here is Mecha Birdo.


Unlike The Begining of the Adventure, the Graveyard only has one path, on which the player must fight Zombies and Hawks while The Moon grows gradually bigger in the background. The major cause of difficulty for the Graveyard is "spike corridor," in which The Kid must pass through a small hall of moving spikes. Once the moon is full, it drops and destroys the ground, which then leads The Kid to Mecha Birdo. If the player gets past The Moon in time they will be able to get one of the game's six Secret Items. After the defeat of Mecha Birdo, The Kid will be brought into the Guy Industries Tower.


The Legend of Zelda area to The Graveyard's left seperates this area from The Beginning of the Adventure, and is also notably the only way to enter The Graveyard. The Guy Industries Tower is on the other side of the Graveyard and is entered by beating Mecha Birdo. However, after the defeat of Mecha Birdo The Kid will not be able to get back into the Graveyard from the Tower.