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A section with blocks that goes up or down if The Kid is on it.

The Factory is a major world in I Wanna Be The Guy. This metallic, spike filled area is based off of the Mega Man series. It has the popular music from Dr. Wily's stage in Mega Man 2. The only enemies here are the Dumb Bugz, although an enemy from Tourian will occasionally crawl out into The Factory because of a game error. The bosses of this world are Bowser, Wart, and Dr. Wily, all in the Koopa Klown Kar.


The Factory has one first path, in which The Kid will encounter the Dumb Bugz and raising blocks in a large hall of spikes. This hall will then lead to an intersection, in which The Kid must choose to go through an area of timed lasers, spikes, and that eventually leads to the boss fight, or go down into Tourian to fight Mother Brain.


The Kid may enter The Factory from The Beginning of the Adventure, or from the Path to Kraidgief's Hideout after beating Kraidgief. At the crossways in The Factory, The Kid may either choose to go into Tourian, or stay in the Factory. After the defeat of Bowser, Wart, and Dr. Wily, The Kid will enter the left side of the Guy Industries Tower.


  • One of the rooms in The Factory has high speed lasers in which the player must avoid. These lasers are based off the lasers from the Quickman from Mega Man 2. In Mega Man 2, the lasers also can kill the player in one hit.
  • One of the most well-known moments of Cloud8745, funny as it was, was later revealed to be staged (a famous IWBTG player). Due to his frustration of passing through the Quickman laser room and being killed by a falling column right before the save point before the boss room of Bowser, Wart, and Dr. Wily, he yells "WE ALL SAW THAT F***ING COMING, FROM A MILE AWAY! F*** YOU!"