The Beginning of the Adventure is the first world of I Wanna Be The Guy. This world features 2 enemies: a Snifit (armed with a Bullet Bill Launcher) and the first iteration of The Moon, but there are numerous traps. This world also is the most open; there are more paths in and out than any other world. The boss here is the Punch Out champion, Mike Tyson, who can be reached by taking the upper path into the sky. The music that sounds in this world is "Home Sweet Grave" from Guilty Gear Isuka.


This room has two standard paths: going up at the start, which leads to an area where the player must dodge Delicious Fruit to reach an area in the sky, and eventually where Mike Tyson is fought. This will eventually lead to The Graveyard. The other option is going down and to the left, which leads to an area with a Snifit and a Tetris room which leads to the Path to Kraidgief's Hideout. However, two secret paths exist: heading down and right at the start also leads to The Graveyard, but bypasses Mike Tyson, and going all the way down initially leads to The Factory. The Beginning of the Adventure can also be reached from the two teleporters at the Gate of The Guy, which send you back to the position where you start the game.

Boundary AmbiguityEdit

The boundaries along the lower-left path are ambiguous, as after the Tetris room, which has seperate music from any of the world themes, the Path to Kraidgief's Hideout begins. Also, on the upper path, the Zelda area seperates this world from The Graveyard. However, going by the introduction of music and background as a world's beginning, these are part of the first world.


  • Sometimes, when you are hit by the spiked bar that takes you into space, the game over music doesn't play.