I Wanna Be the Guy 23

Room of Divine Transportation.

The Room of Divine Transportation
is an important room in I Wanna Be The Guy. This is a room in The Begining of the Adventure, and is reached by going to the left in the starting room. This symmetrical room has a sign in the center, with the room's name on it, six portraits to the sides, and a central platform. When first entered each portrait is black and has a red "X" on it. After The Kid beats a boss their face goes to the portrait, and if The Kid jumps into it, he will be warped to room of, or room after, that boss. If the Kid goes into the black portraits he will die. After the defeat of The Father, one can press "Backspace" to warp The Kid to this room. Also, after The Father is defeated, his portrait will appear under the room's central platform, which will warp The Kid back to The Guy's fortress. This room is also important in that it houses the secret items that The Kid has obtained.