The Path to Kraidgief's Hideout is an area in I Wanna Be The Guy. It is based on no game in particular,
Sroom 5

1st section of Path to Kraidgief's Hideout. It has wall jumping vines.

although it has music from Kirby. As its name implies, this area leads to the boss Kraidgief. This area is seperated into two parts: a brightly lit and happy forest and a dark cave filled with spikes. Enemies here include the Spike Monster and the Spike Wall.


There is notably only one path to go through here. The Kid must travel through, as stated before, a forest area, and then a dark cave. This world has many wall jumping vines and spikes. The primary challenge in this part is running from the moving spike wall, while wall jumping, and avoiding the delicious fruit that fly at you. The moving spike wall eventually breaks open a rocky wall, and leads to the cave area. This part also has a lot of wall jumping obstacles, and it also has falling stalactites. The cave also has a lot of spikes and a Spike Monster. At the end of the cave there is the entrance to fight Kraidgief.

  • To wall-jump, jump into the vines and while holding the jump button, press the button away from the wall. To quickly scale vines jump off and jump back towards the wall in the same movement.
  • There is a secret area (with object) to the right of the first cave screen, but is only available on the first attempt you get - let the Spike Wall eat the right-hand wall, then jump the spikes and back to trigger the falling moss twice, then double-jump over the pit and off to the right. If you die in the attempt and re-load the walls are repaired and you cannot get to the area; your reward for pulling this off, however, is a save-point before the spikes.


The entrance to the Path to Kraidgief's Hideout is the Tetris room, which seperates this world from the Begining of the Adventure. After defeating Kraidgief there is the exit of this world, which leads to The Factory.