Mother Brain
is one of the bosses in I Wanna Be The Guy, and is taken from the NES game Metroid. The fight is very similar to the one in Metroid, although in IWBTG there are many more gun shots and rinkas (red rings). After the defeat of Mother Brain, a timer starts in the upper-right hand corner, and you must escape the remaining Tourian area before it reaches zero, an element taken from Metroid as well.

HP: 112 (19 for each of the 4 barriers, 1 for glass, 35 for brain).

Strategy Edit

  • Since the rinkas spawn in waves and the timing is predictable, it's fairly easy to jump back and have them aim away from where you want to be.
  • You can shoot the rinkas, which should make jumping back and forth easier.
  • After breaking the glass containing Mother Brain, you can jump into the gap to fire off a quick stream of shots. However, you have to do this very carefully, because touching any glass from the side will kill you. You'll also have to be fast if there are any rinkas heading your way, and the gun can also shoot you if you're standing on the edge.

Quirks Edit

  • Before entering the room with the first Zebetite (the barriers you have to shoot down), fire some shots at the left edge of the screen. They will hit the Zebetite even though you can't see it yet. If you fire 19 or more shots, the Zebetite will break, though, strangely, you won't hear it break until you enter the room.
  • The music will change (and the guns will start firing) slightly before entering the room with the first Zebetite.