Mike Tyson
is the boss of The Begining of the Adventure in I Wanna Be The Guy. He is taken from Mike Tyson's Punch Out. His primary attack is to punch at the Kid, although he can use other attacks, such as punching out blocks of the floor, and shooting fire out his mouth. The only way to damage Mike is by shooting him when he opens his mouth to shoot fire. This will knock him down, but he will rise back up. Knock him down three times to beat him and Mario the referee will declare a 'TKO'.

Fighting Strategy Edit

At the start of the fight, run to the very edge of either side of the screen. Dodge his third punch by double jumping, and when he opens his mouth, shoot him. While he is down, go to one of the screen edges again. Double jump over his second punch and immediately run to the opposite side. Once again, shoot him while his mouth is open. Stay where you are (on the edge of the screen), and double jump over his second punch. He will not throw a third punch this time, so wait for him to break off pieces of the floor again, and shoot him when he opens his mouth one last time.

HP: 15 (Each KO: 5)

Alternate Strategy

Move to the top left of the screen - all three of his punches will miss and he will (mostly) punch out only negligible parts of the platform before becoming vulnerable. After you've hit him 5 times head back to the centre.

For Round 2 head towards his rear elbow without changing sides and after he punches (if you're by his off arm it should miss comfortably), flip him around. Repeat this twice and after the second time head to either side, wait for the spit then shoot him.

For the final round head straight for the right hand side, judge when he's going to throw his punches and double-jump over them (you have to be precise, but it's easier than it looks). After the second punch he'll jab out the platform then head off to the right. Go all the way to the top-left, wait for him to come back and spit and you should have enough range to shoot him and finish the fight.


  • According to most fans, Mike is the easiest boss in the game.
  • Even if you defeat Mike, go back to the previous screen, and save and reload the game, all missing blocks will be restored and you will have to fight Mike again. However, if you defeat Mike, grab the orb, and then go back to save and reload the game, the missing blocks will still respawn, but Mike will not.
  • Ganon, a boss in I Wanna Be The Boshy, uses the same laugh track as Mike.
  • Making physical contact with the referee will not kill you.
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