Mecha Birdo is the boss of The Graveyard in I Wanna Be The Guy. At the end of the Graveyard, the progressively growing moon will fall and cause the floor to collapse. The Kid falls into a huge area of open sky. A siren is heard, along with an overlaid warning written in mock Engrish. Soon, the metallic monstrosity known as Mecha Birdo will show.

Mecha Birdo shooting its rockets.


The fight with Mecha Birdo consists of three phases. In all phases, it will constantly send out egg shaped rockets through its snout, which can be used as platforms. They will not be all level, as Mecha Birdo rises up and down.

In the first phase, Mecha Birdo will simply rise up and down, shooting rockets and occasionally a formation of Fly Guys. Its weakness is its antenna. After a while, the antenna will be destroyed and phase two will start. The rockets and Mecha Birdo now move faster, and it will shoot lasers from its eyes, which are now its weak point. In the final phase, everything gets even faster, and Fly Guys will spawn again. The red ends of the rockets are now hazardous. In this phase The Kid must shoot at its mouth while it is firing an egg rocket (presumably to try and  cause the rocket to explode while it's in its mouth), and eventually the psychotic robot will go down.

HP: ~52 (~30 for antenna, 15 for eyes, ~7 for mouth).


  • Mecha Birdo's eyes will retain the color they had when the player was last fighting it, if they happened to die and retry. This has no impact on gameplay, however.
  • If the player happens to die while Mecha Birdo is melting and they wait for Mecha Birdo to melt all the way, they will go to the place right after Mecha Birdo with GAME OVER on the screen, but the player will not be dead, if the player dies in that moment, the blood will not be there.


  • Mecha Birdo is a remake of Birdo, from the Mario series        
  • In Super Mario Advance, there is also a robotic version of Birdo named "Robirdo".
  • It's possible that Mecha Birdo is based off of Metal Gear.
  • The Japanese text on the warning at the beginning of the fight loosely translates to 'I hate doriyaki'.
  • The boss theme uses "Butsutekkai", which was the boss theme from the Treasure shoot 'em up video game Ikaruga.
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