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I Wanna Be The Guy, also known as I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game, is a downloadable online game. It is about a character named The Kid who aims to be The Guy, a very prestigious position. Throughout the course of the game, The Kid encounters many obstacles such as Giant Cherries, Spikes, and alterations of various video game bosses, such as Mike Tyson or Mecha Birdo. The Kid's only weapon is the Very Small Gun, although he also uses other items for other purposes, such as the Cape of Heroes, which allows him to double jump. The game is notable for being extremely hard and glitchy. The hard parts include nearly impossible to beat bosses and random obstacles, and glitchy parts include spikes not hurting The Kid, or getting killed when there was no obstacle nearby. Also, the physics have been called Mega-Man physics due to the way the physics work. Also in the game...(More)

Did you know...

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  • ...That Kayin did the voice of The Guy?
  • ...That The Kid is an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy was inspired by a game called Jinsei Owata no Daibōken?
  • ...That the Medusa Head in-game freeze and push The Kid, whereas in Castlevania, only the Gold Heads did this?
  • ...That the physics in I Wanna Be The Guy particularly getting hit to the side of a spike have been nicknamed Mega-Man physics?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy was created with Multimedia Fusion 2?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy is listed as a beta, despite no longer being in active development?
  • ...That I Wanna Be The Guy has inspired many fan games, the most famous of which being I wanna be the boshy
  • ...That Kraidgief is a parody of palette-hacked character glitches
  • ...That apples are actually giant cherries?
  • ...That restart counts as a death?



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