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I Wanna Be the Boshy (Also called Boshy for short), is a highly difficult fangame based on IWBTG. It is regarded by the majority of the community as one of the most difficult of the fangames currently released so far; it has a high quantity of RNG-based (randomly generated) events, and a variety of jumpscares along the way. Edit

The main protagonist of Boshy is a yellow warning sign with a pistol.

Gameplay Edit

Boshy includes a detailed options menu, including features that allow the FPS (Frames Per Second) of the game to be adjusted.

There is a selection of characters which can be found by pressing F3 ingame; Some characters have personal gags installed, like Nyan Cat's rainbow, and some unlockable characters have particular features unique to them.

The game features a set of collectible 'Chests' scattered throughout the game, containing a variety of things ranging from secret items, collectible CD's, and secret characters.

Boshy features an online co-op mode, allowing the player to warp to the location of their partners if they progress further than their current progress. This also includes a chat feature (accessed by pressing Enter/Return), allowing the players to communicate with one another. A full list of commands on the online co-op mode can be accessed through the /help command.

The game has been negatively viewed by many IWBTG fans due to its un-scaled nature, and somewhat 'corny' style.


The game features four tiers of difficulty, selected at the beginning of the game.

  • "EZ" Difficulty: Large quantities of save points, boss health is reduced to 50%, and the game includes a rapid-fire 'Turbo' feature that allows a large amount of bullets to be shot at one time. Also adds special blocks shaped like pink hearts that are exclusive to this mode to make some sections easier. Also characters and bosses wear pink bows.
  • "Totally Average" Difficulty: Slightly increased number of save points than "Hard-On", bullets fired are limited to one entity at a time.
  • "Hard On" Difficulty: The difficulty which the game is meant to be played at, bullet limitations are the same as "Totally Average" difficulty.
  • "You're Gonna Get Raped" Difficulty: Save points are positioned only at the beginning and end of each boss fight, and bosses have an increased 200% health. Still, bullet limitations remain the same as prior difficulties.


  • In World 6 in during the beta 1.3.1 or earlier versions; when you go past the secret item (it tells you how much health a boss has) and keep on going you can actually find a secret boss called "Random the qand has 100 health"; it was removed for unknown reasons.
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