The Dumb Bugz (their name is shown in the credits) appear as enemies in the Factory area of I Wanna Be The Guy. Very few appear, and they enter in groups of two. When they enter, they fly towards The Kid, and have no real other strategy. They can easily be killed in one shot, however their appearence in areas in which there are other obstacles can allow them to be a real danger. The Dumb Bugz also appear in one of the challenges during the Hall of Former The Guys, in which a massive amount of Dumb Bugz flies out in a line and The Kid must shoot them all down.
Dumb bug

Trivia Edit

  • It is one of the only enemies exclusive to I Wanna Be The Guy, meaning it isn't from another game.
  • It's face may be a reference to the "Shoop da Whoop!" meme.
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