Dracula's Castle
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1st section of Dracula's Castle.

is a world in I Wanna Be The Guy. Dracula's Castle, as its name implies is the home to the vampire Dracula, where he is the boss. The world is based off of Castlevania, where Dracula is from. The enemies here are Medusa Heads, and a Witch that flies at The Kid.


Dracula's Castle is a very small world compared to most others in the game. The Kid can first enter the Castle from the Guy Industries Tower, after being raised up by the fan Ryu hides in. The Kid can then go through the outside and spike filled inside of the Castle, and then face Dracula. After the defeat of Dracula, The Kid will then leave the area, unable to enter the castle again.


The boundries to the castle are very easily defined: Dracula's Castle can only be reached from the large fan in the Guy Industries Tower, and will exit the world on the other side of the fan.