The Devil Dragon is a boss in the game I Wanna Be The Guy. It is the guardian of The Guy's Castle, and must be fought after all of the first six bosses. The Devil Dragon is based off two separate bosses from the Mega Man series. The first boss is the Mecha Dragon from Mega Man 2. The boss fight, and the boss's appearance, is primarily based off of this boss. The other boss is the Yellow Devil from the first Mega Man. The Devil Dragon has the same power trademarked by the Yellow Devil, in that it separates itself into six parts, and then moves across the screen.

HP: 50 -to 1st crossover attack: 10, to 2nd crossover: 15, to 3rd crossover: 25

I Wanna Be the Guy 14

A devil dragon smashing The Moon.


At the start of the boss fight, the Devil Dragon will chase you, and you have to land on the blocks. You should double jump. For shorter jumps, jump, then jump again shortly after. For longer jumps, jump once, and then jump again later, but before you reach the height that you jumped from.

After this, the Devil Dragon will shoot fireballs. These are quite easy to dodge if you stay in one spot and then jump over the fireballs when they reach you. Then the Devil Dragon will split into 6 parts. Touching these parts will kill you. You have to stay at the second-lowest block and then jump over one part, and then jump in-between 2 more parts onto the lowest block. Then jump on the second highest block. Jump over both of the parts that go through the block. Then jump to the third-lowest block. Jump over the part that goes through the block, and land on the second highest block. Jump over the next part that goes through the block.

Then the dragon will chase you back, and then explode. You can hurt the dragon by shooting its mouth when it is open, after the Devil Dragon shoots the fireballs.