The Kid can be seen jumping over a delicious fruit

Delicious Fruit is the name given to the giant cherries/apples in I Wanna Be The Guy. They are hazards that The Kid must avoid while on his quest. They mainly appear in forest themed areas, but can still appear anywhere, like the Guy's Fortress. They can fly in any direction, and touching a Delicious Fruit will result in instant death. They are one of the most common obstacles, second only to spikes. The reason why it is cherries/apples is that no one knows which is the right name.


  • Though several people refer to the Delicious Fruits as apples, the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy sarcastically refers to them as giant cherries, as quoted from the forums. "They're more like giant cherries..."
  • The Delicious Fruit are, according to the creator, poked by a stick and then boiled three times prior to eating it.
  • They are one of the treasures.
  • In the credits, other than quitting the only way to die is to a delicious fruit falling at the very end.
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