Bowser in the Koopa Clown Car.

is a boss in I Wanna Be The Guy. He is the first member in the boss fight in The Factory area along with Wart and Dr. Wily. He has appeared as the most recurring antagonist in the Super Mario Bros. series of games. In I Wanna Be The Guy Bowser pilots his Clown Car. His few sprites are taken directly from Super Mario World, and his attack pattern is very similar to his attack pattern in the game.

Bowser's attacks and movement pattern in I Wanna Be The Guy are fixed, and do not change at all during the fight. Physical contact with him or the Clown Car will kill The Kid. His attack pattern is:

  • He swoops down from the right side of the room to the left, in a U-shaped formation.
  • He moves from the left side of the room to the right in the same formation, and then repeats the first part of his pattern.
  • He dives to the floor, and then sweeps across the floor. This attack is very fast, and is impossible to jump over. Fortunately, he does not sweep across the entire floor.
  • Bowser moves upward, and then drops a Bob-omb that will eventually explode. Physical contact with the Bob-omb or it's explosion will kill The Kid.
  • Bowser then repeats his entire pattern, until he is defeated.

HP: 10 (Bob-omb: 10 damage)

Due to his movement pattern, The Kid is completely safe if he stands in the bottom right corner of the room. Standing here also gives him an advantageous attack point for the difficult method of killing Bowser; continuously shooting the Bob-omb that Bowser drops will cause it to hover, and the only way to harm Bowser during this fight is to cause him to be caught in the Bob-omb's explosion. Fortunately, Bowser dies in one hit. Defeating Bowser will start the second part of the boss battle.


Apparently, it's shown in one room of The Guy's castle that Bowser once had the title of The Guy. How Bowser once had this title and is alive during the events of I Wanna Be The Guy is unknown, due to the fact that evidence in the game shows that the only way to get the rank of "The Guy" is to kill the current Guy. It is possible that Bowser gave up being The Guy. However, the picture was of 8-bit Bowser, so it is also possible that 8-bit Bowser was The Guy not the Bowser from Super Mario World.

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